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The Research Network concluded activities in March 2017.


Subsequent research results and publications by JCIRN founder,   Dr. Jackie F. Steele, may be found here:  www.en-joi.com

Dr. Steele teaches "Diversity and Disaster Risk Governance" for the Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Sophia University.







March 21, 2017 RESEARCH LECTURE and POLICY DIALOGUE  Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo


"Could Womenomics save Tohoku…?

Declining Birthrates, Young Women's Citizenization,

and the Politics of Community Sustainability"



Ms. Megumi Ishimoto, Executive-Director, NPO Women’s Eye

Dr. Jackie F. Steele, Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo (JSPS Research Grant)

Ms. Sachiko Anetai, Lawyer, and Director, Morioka Gender Equality Center, Iwate

Ms. Chigusa Tanzawa, Secretary, Shishiori Machizukuri Kyogikai, Kessenuma, Miyagi

Ms. Maki Sahara, Board Director, NPO Fukushima 30-year Project, Fukushima  



Dr. Kiyoung Shin, Associate Professor, Ochanomizu Women’s University

Dr. Osawa Mari, Director, Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo